Actors Pretend…That’s What We Do…

This is going to come as a shock to some: we actors are not the characters we play. In fact, usually, those characters are straight up make believe (I can hear the collective gasp). I have played a hooker, a murderer, a pilot, a mother, a bigot, a wife, a tarot card reader, a lesbian, a teacher, a surgeon, a gun-slinging land baroness, an asshole and a saint. People have never seemed to have a problem with me professionally pretending to be any of these things. Yet I find myself on the receiving end of some intense judgement because I play a woman who, among many other things, happens to be a Christian and I, Chelah, have the audacity to be my-potty-mouth-self on Twitter. Now, first of all, let me point out to the uninitiated that Twitter is a free service on which you can choose who to ‘follow’ and, important to note, who you do not ‘follow.’  Complaining about the content of someone’s tweets is akin to barging into a strangers house and complaining about what they are eating for dinner.

The more important issue this brings up is the choice to remain closed to an opinion with which I currently disagree. To only support artists who affirm your own beliefs is a very narrow way of being in the world. All art is an opportunity to open our eyes to differing view points WITHOUT it having any adverse affect. We can choose to let it change our minds or not. Simple as that. I choose to read, watch and listen to people with whom I may not agree on many issues….but I sacrifice the possibility of learning something that may even shift my perspective if I choose not to take in new information. I find the alternative asinine.

Tweeting has been a super fun creative outlet for me for years. Occasionally I tweet something work related, though generally I aim to entertain, provoke & basically brag about my dog. If you are a fan of a show I happen to be on, or even a fan of the work I do, I’m glad it brings you some joy. But don’t ever think that I’m going to censor my true self for your comfort. I will not. Ever. I say this with a deep, still and unapologetic confidence.

**Spoiler Alert** Johnny Depp is not a pirate.

Peace out, f***ers. (as I laugh off into the night…)