COMMERCIALS  (selected list)

Economic Action Plan-CND National

Rogers (multiple)-CND National

Tim Horton’s-CND National

Mark’s Work Warehouse-CND National

Kellogg’s All Bran Cereal Bars-CDN National

Hyundai-CDN National

Perdue Chicken-US National

Adidas-US National

Lotto 649-BC Regional

Olympus-North America

Beano-North America

Fisher Price-Worldwide

Luvs Principal-US National

AIDS Awareness PSA

Washington Dental Services-Seattle & Spokane only

David Suzuki Foundation PSA

Home Depot-CDN National

Hasbro “Shrek”-Worldwide

Priceline-North America

Lean Cuisine-North America

Shape Up-US National

Red Lobster-US & CDN National

Microsoft-US National

Cook’s Ham-North America

Pilsbury-US & CDN National

Playland-/BC Regional

Schizophrenia PSA

Starkist-US National

Travel Guard Insurance-US Travel Channel

Bell Wireless-CDN National

Lysol-CDN&US National

Avlimil-US National

BC Credit Union-BC RegionalSpot Magic-US NationalChevy Silverado-US NationalWhite Spot “Flowers”-BC RegionalMop’n’Glo-US National

Hasbro “Playdoh”-Worldwide

Mattel “Mermaid Barbie”-North America

Bi Polar DisorderPSA-Worldwide

Kohl’s Department Store (2 spots)-US National

KIA “Lord of the Rings”-US National

SaskTel Spring Internet-Saskatoon Only

Campbell’s Soup (2 spots)-US National

Bell Mobility-CDN National

Dr. Scholl’s “Ugh”-CDN National

Earl’s SOC-Western Canada

BC Children’s Hospital-Regional


Baptist Hospital-Kentucky only

Principal Financial Group-National

Tyco Toys “Let’s Pretend Elmo”-International

Toyota (2 spots)-Alabama only


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