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October 2017

September 2017

June 2017

  • Congratulations Chelah on taking home the Leo Award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series for her work on The Man In The High Castle!
  • ‘High Castle’ season 3 begins shooting in Vancouver.

June 4, 2017. Photo by Phillip Chin

January 2017

  • And it’s official…The Man In The High Castle will be coming back for a third season on Amazon Prime. We begin shooting later this year. Hooray!
  • ‘High Castle’ is coming to Canada!! Keep your eyes out for Season 2 launching on Amazon Prime.

December 2016

  • ‘High Castle’ premiers on Dec 16 to much fanfare. Chelah joined much of the team behind this show for a wonderful evening in LA celebrating the show.

September 2016

  • After an intense 5 months, working with extraordinary artists, that’s a wrap on Season 2 of ‘The Man In The High Castle.’
  • You Me Her‘ is back for Season 2! Chelah returns as Lori Matherfield, alongside some of her favourite actors.
  • Chelah reunited with Stuart Gillard, director of Wishing Well, for a quick play on CW’s ‘Tomorrow People.’

August 2016

  • Fabulous time shooting a ‘Rogue’ courtroom battle with Emmanuelle Vaugier.

June 2016

  • For the second time, Chelah has been nominated for a Leo Award for her work as Maggie Palmer on AMC’s Hell On Wheels. The final season begins airing June 11th.

April 2016

  • The mini-series ‘When We Rise,’ created by Dustin Lance Black, begins shooting in Vancouver. This incredibly important story chronicles the gay rights movement in the US beginning with the Stonewall riots in 1969. Chelah’s honoured to have a small part in the telling of this history.
  • Thrilled to play with Vera Farmiga in Shana Feste’s ‘Boundaries.’

March 2016

  • And we’re back! Season 2 of Amazon’s ‘The Man In The High Castle’ begins shooting in Vancouver. Chelah is thrilled to be re-joining the cast for all 10 episodes this year.

January 2016

  • Off to Mammoth Lakes for a weekend of all things Hell On Wheels. Fab fundraiser for the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival in the company of many of our cast, writers & producers.
  • The Affolter brothers have written a thought provoking and powerful script called ‘Counter Act.’ Chelah joins a committed group to shoot this 1960’s segregation era story. Keep eyes out for it in the coming year’s festival circuit.

December 2015

  • ‘This Is You Death’ shoots in Vancouver under the direction of Giancarlo Esposito. A fascinating script with a host of great actors.

October-November 2015

  • ‘You Me Her’ begins shooting a 10 episode order for Direct TV under the direction of Nisha Ganatra. Chelah plays Lori Matherfield, the neighbour who just wants to be loved.
  • Chelah was honoured to represent Hell On Wheels with her nomination for Best Actress at the UBCP Awards.

September 2015

  • And that’s a wrap on ‘Hell On Wheels.’ What an incredible journey with truly wonderful people.
  • ‘Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce’ welcomes Chelah for an episode in season 2…hopefully more to come if season 3 happens.

August 2015

  • Chelah will make an appearance in episode 6 of  ‘Falling Skies’ final season.
  • ‘The Man In The High Castle’ wraps up shooting season one for Amazon. All episodes will premier on November 20th on Amazon Prime.

July 2015

  • Season 5 of ‘Hell On Wheels’ begins airing July 18th on AMC.

June 2015

  • Chelah’s back to Alberta to start the final 2-season order of Hell On Wheels for AMC.
  • June 1st will see the premier of ‘UnReal’ on Lifetime. A soapy look behind the scenes of a reality show. Chelah shows up mid-season for a couple of episodes.
  • June 14th Chelah will attend the Leo Awards in Vancouver where she’s been honoured with 3 nominations. 2 for Best Supporting Actress in a Series (HoW & When Calls The Heart) and 1 for Best Actress in a Feature Film (Patterson’s Wager).
  • TNT’s ‘Proof’ premiers on June 16th…look for Chelah in the pilot.

May 2015

  • ‘The Role Of Della’ was shot over a weekend in Vancouver this month. This is a tour de force short film for Chelah & costar Julie Roy. Excited to see it pop up on the festival circuit.
  • ‘Patterson’s Wager’ has been awarded the award for Best Foreign Feature by Hawaii’s Big Island Film Festival.

April 2015

  • Amazon’s new series ‘The Man In The High Castle’ welcomes Chelah to the cast as Helen Smith opposite Rufus Sewell for the first season’s 10 episode order.

March 2015

  • Good times were had by all on the set of ‘Pretty Little Addict’ under the guidance of director Monika Mitchell. Chelah spent the month in Squamish playing opposite Andrea Bowen in this MOW.

January 2015

  • A short stint on ‘Monster Trucks’ leaves Chelah wondering what the heck this movie is gonna be.

November 2014

  • As ‘Falling Skies’ comes to a finish, Chelah guest stars in a unique episode that will surely stand out in their final season. Noah Wyle proves to be a leading man of extraordinary grace and talent.

October 2014

  • Chelah FINALLY got to work with Terry Miles on his thriller ‘Even Lambs Have Teeth.’

September 2014

  • Thrilled to join ‘UnReal’ for a couple of episodes. This show is going to be freaking great. Watch for it premiering  June 1st, 2015.

May-Sept 2014

  • A spectacular summer spent bouncing between Vancouver & Calgary while shooting season 1 of ‘The Returned’ for A&E and season 4 of ‘Hell On Wheels’ for AMC.

April 2014

  • After a 6 week break, production on the second block of ‘Candiland’ begins…
  • Finally working with director Martin Wood on a quick 2 episodes of Cedar Cove. Yay Hallmark TV!

March 2014

  • ‘Arrow.’ That is all.
  • A total thrill to work with director Alex Graves on the TNT pilot ‘Proof.’

February 2014

  • Production begins on Candiland, costarring James Clayton & Gary Busey.
  • When ‘Arrow’ calls, Chelah answers.

January 2014

  • January 11th ‘When Calls The Heart’ premiers on Hallmark Channel.

November 2013

  • ‘If I Stay’ begins production under director RJ Cutler with a stellar cast.
  • Chelah joins ‘The Grim Sleeper,’ based on the true story of a serial killer in LA.

October 2013

  • ‘When Calls The Heart’ continues…into the fog of autumn….brrr…

September 2013

  • Production begins on ‘When Calls The Heart,’  the Hallmark series set in 1910. The ensemble cast is a force to be reckoned with and Chelah is thrilled to be a regular for season one.
  • Chelah’s Kate Spencer is popping back in for Season Two of ‘Arrow.’ Don’t blink.

August 2013

  • At risk of repeating myself, ‘Hell On Wheels’ Season 3. Holy cow. That is all.

July 2013

  • A delightful month spent shooting ‘Patterson’s Wager’ alongside Fred Ewaniuk. Written & directed by Corbin Salekin, this promising to be a lovely film when it hopefully hits films festivals in 2014.

May 2013

  • ‘Hell On Wheels’ Season 3. Holy cow. That is all that can be said.

April 2013

  • Chelah’s super thrilled to be heading back to Edmonton to rejoin the team of ‘Blackstone’ as attorney Angie Gold.
  • Based on a Danish series, ‘Rita’ is a pilot set to shoot in Vancouver. Chelah is stoked be joining the cast for this fab script.

March 2013

  • Chelah had a fantastic time shooting the pilot ‘I Am Victor’ for NBC alongside John Stamos.

February 2013

  • ‘Sole Custody,’ costarring the lovely Julie Benz, was Chelah’s first time working with director Brenton Spencer. A truly great guy.

January 2013

  • ‘Package Deal’ is a new sitcom shot for CityTV. Chelah joins for ep 13 as the misunderstood Megan.

October 2012

  • Brent Butt & Carl Bessai are makin’ a movie called ‘No Clue’…Chelah is super stoked to be appearing as Brent’s ex-girlfriend, Alice.
  • Chelah shall be tormented in the new series ‘Motive’…tune in to find out why.

August 2012

  • Chelah joins the Arctic Air family for an episode with a POLAR BEAR!
  • CW’s highly anticipated new show ‘Arrow’ may or may not have Chelah appearing in the coming months.

July 2012

  • Summer in Vancouver has finally started…and not a minute to soon…Chelah is shooting ‘Midnight Rider’ mostly outdoors with Kris Kristofferson, Jodelle Ferland, Matt Mazur, David Orth & one of her longtime friends, April Telek. William Dear is directing and telling many, many jokes.

March 2012

  • Chelah is splitting her time between two highly anticipated pilots for the CW. A futuristic fantasy called ‘The Selection’ costarring as Aimee Teegarden’s mother, Magda Singer and the medical drama ‘Emily Owens MD’ with Mamie Gummer.
  • Off to Winnipeg for a few weeks to join Lauren Lee Smith, Max Martini, Shawn Doyle & David Sutcliffe in Keith Samples’ feature ‘Hunting Season.’

February 2012

  • Chelah is thrilled to join the cast & crew of AMC’s ‘The Killing’ for an episode.

shot by Melissa Gidney

December 2011

  • Check out Chelah on Supernatural-Dec. 2

November 2011

  • Production begins on the Hallmark MOW ‘Caroling’…nice to be back to work with Michael Scott.

October 2011

  • The cat is officially out of the bag…Chelah guest stars on an episode of ‘Supernatural’…’Death’s Door’ is directed by Robert Singer.
  • Well, Cartoon Network’s ‘Level Up’ is wrapped for season one. Fingers crossed audiences LOVE the show and it comes back for many years to come. What a supremely talented cast & crew.

September 2011

  • Another episode of Cartoon Network’s ‘Level Up’ is in the can. Can’t wait for this series to premier….so much fun!
  • Chelah’s attending the Toronto Film Festival to celebrate & promote her recently wrapped pilot for eOne and CBC called ‘Wish List.’ Work with Mary Walsh, Gabe Hogan, Eric Petersen & Tiera Skovbye was inspiring and joy filled. Under the leadership of director Stuart Gillard and with the words of Sean Reycraft, everyone has very high hopes for the series to be picked up for shooting in summer 2012.
  • Victoria, BC will be the location for Chelah’s next project, the film ‘The New Girl.’

August 2011

  • August 5 ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ opens far and wide….also, ‘Marley & Me 2: The Puppy Years’ will be released to DVD exclusively at Walmart stores.
  • Toronto it is! Chelah is heading back east to shoot a pilot for CBC called ‘Wish List.’ More details to follow.

July 2011

  • Chelah is thrilled to go back to work on ‘Level Up’ for an episode and start shooting ‘Clue,’ a mini-series for the HUB Network.

June 2011

  • On June 11th Chelah was honoured to attend the Leo Awards as both a nominee, for her performance in ‘The Hostage,’ and a presenter. BCBG Max Azria decked Chelah out in a fabulous outfit that was perfectly complimented by a Suki’s hairdo for all the red carpet action. Awards went to many of her dearest friends, including Ryan Robbins, Michael Eklund, Raul Inglis, Tyer Labine, Carmen Moore and the incomparable April Telek.

May 2011

  • Production begins on Cartoon Network’s  new live action series ‘Level Up.’ Chelah appears as Barbara…the woman with ever changing hobbies & a knack for hiding her dating from her son, Dante.

March 2011

  • After wrapping a fabulous experience on ‘Everything & Everyone’ Chelah is off to Montreal to shoot the pilot ‘Identity.’ March Madness indeed.
  • Shooting starts on ‘Everything & Everyone’…confirmed co-stars include Ryan Robbins & Gabrielle Rose among many other extraordinary talents. Pretty exciting….

February 2011

  • A month of warmer climate and clear skies (mostly) for Chelah & her pup in California.

January 2011

  • Exciting news…Chelah is confirmed to co star in the feature ‘Everything & Everyone,’ written by Ian Tang & directed by Tracy D Smith. Production is set to begin in March & it looks like the cast is going to be spectacular.

December 2010

  • Chelah has been transformed into a clown by the very talented make-up artist Debbie Lelievre for an episode of ‘The Haunting Hour.’ A delight working with Ben Ratner under the direction of the lovely Peter DeLuise.

November 2010

  • ‘Endgame,’ a new series for Global, welcomes Chelah guest starring opposite the supremely talented Shawn Doyle.
  • Danny Glover plays te title character in an amazing script ‘Donovan’s Echo’ directed by Jim Cliffe. Chelah was delighted to come out for a day.

October 2010

  • Chelah is joining ‘Life Unexpected’ for the episode ‘Stand Taken’ that will air December 7th on the CW.
  • Shooting starts on ‘Marley & Me: The Puppy Years.’ Chelah is loving working with director Michael Damian…and falling madly in love with the real stars of the movie: the little lab puppies.

September 2010

  • Chelah thrilled to reunite with Jim Head, producer of ‘Gym Teacher,’ for the Lifetime MOW ‘On Strike For Christmas.’ This gorgeous ensemble of women includes Daphne Zuniga, Julia Duffy, Ingrid Rogers, Lisa Anne Durupt & the wildly talented Alisen Down. Look for the movie to air on December 5, 2010.
  • Shooting is set to begin on Hallmark’s ‘Three Weeks, Three Kids’ later in the month, which will again pair Chelah up with director Mark Jean. Broadcast is set for Mother’s Day, 2011.

August 2010

  • Chelah is so honoured & proud to have been a part of the Real Mean Don’t Rape campaign, spearheaded by Caleb’s Hope founder, Holly Dignard & photographed by Alana Husband.
  • Here’s the link to a short film called ‘Birth Day’ by Juan Riedinger. This was shot in under 4 hours: watch?v=SPXe1FKeMQo

July 2010

  • ‘Facing Kate,’ USA/NBC Universal’s new series, welcomes Chelah guest starring as attorney Brooke Keller in episode 2. It was a treat working with Sarah Shahi, Malcolm Stewart, Michael Trucco & Paul Schulze….and great writing made the legal jargon a hoot to play with.
  • Off to Edmonton to shoot a multi-episode arc on ‘Blackstone’ …a series conceived by Ron E Scott about life & politics on a Canadian Reserve. Chelah’s story-line follows the prosecution of a pedophile…intense & emotionally charged stuff.
  • Chelah is thrilled to start work on ‘Caesar: Rise Of The Apes’ with James Franco & John Lithgow. That’s all the info you get, as per the massive confidentiality agreement that will take her first born if she talks.

May 2010

  • Production has wrapped on ‘The Client List.’ Look for US broadcast July 19 on Lifetime. Chelah is delighted to have solidified friendships with all of her co-stars & will miss them terribly.

April 2010

  • Chelah has started shooting ‘The Client List’ for Lifetime. She’s loving the female energy working with power-houses Lynda Boyd, Heather Doerksen, Sonja Bennett, Kandyce McClure, Cybill Shepherd & Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  • Dave Collette & Kevin O’Grady join Chelah for a quick trip to Toronto to shoot a second spot in the Rogers campaign.
March 2010
  • Great News….Chelah will be appearing on the new CW series ‘Betwixt’ produced by CBS. Shooting begins in April with high hope of a pick-up for fall broadcast.
February 2010
  • GO CANADA GO!!! The Olympics have taken over Vancouver and the entire film industry. Every minute was glorious.
  • Off to Victoria to shoot an ‘Economic Action Plan’ spot.
January 2010
  • Good times shooting a Rogers HGTV Spot with a couple of clowns…aka funny guys Kevin O’Grady & Dave Collette.
  • Shooting starts on the feature ‘Iron Golem’ in which Chelah plays Deputy Jenny.
June/July 2009
  • Chelah joins director Gary Harvey for Lifetime’s adaptation of Susan Strohmeyer’s book The Cinderella Pact in the movie ‘Lying To Be Perfect.’
May 2009
  • It’s a hat trick! Chelah starts work on the third series in the Stargate family, ‘Stargate Universe.’
  • Chelah spends a spectacular 2 weeks working with Doris Roberts, Erin Karpluk & James van der Beek on the Hallmark movie ‘Mrs. Miracle.’
April 2009
  • Production starts on the new top secret Joss Whedon film. Can’t even tell you a name!
  • NBC Universal’s ‘Defying Gravity’ introduces Chelah’s new character, Dr. Tina Winkler.
March 2009
  • Chelah begins shooting the feature ‘Altitude’ under the direction of the talented Kaare Andrews.
December-January 2009
  • After another busy year, Chelah takes some time off to explore northern India. WOW!
November 2008
  • Chelah and her co-stars (including John Schneider!) spend weeks in dance training prior to shooting ‘Come Dance At My Wedding’ directed by Mark Jean.
October 2008
  • Chelah guest stars on NBC Universal’s 3rd season of ‘Eureka’ playing Dr. Mary-Beth Collins.
  • ‘Exes & Ohs’ is back after 2 years…and Chelah’s character Lauren Brooks along with it.
September 2008
  • Chelah shoots ‘The Tortured’ for Twisted Pictures with Erika Christensen & Jesse Metcalfe.
  • The ABC pilot ‘Inseparable’ begins shooting in Vancouver. Chelah is thrilled to work with director Rob Bowman.
  • Jason Furukawa directs Chelah in a fantastic role on Global’s ‘The Guard.’
August 2008
  • Director Terry Ingram invites Chelah to join the cast of ‘Past Lies’ co-starring Nicole Eggert.
May 2008
  • Chelah spends a few days working with the cast and crew of ‘Stargate Atlantis.’
April 2008
  • Chelah participates in the Crazy8’s Film Festival.
March 2008
  • A great month shooting ‘Flirting With 40’ with Mikael Salomon in Calgary. Co-starring Heather Locklear aka the nicest woman in show business.
Jan/Feb 2008
  • Chelah spends 5 weeks shooting ‘Gym Teacher’ with comic geniuses Christopher Meloni & Amy Sedaris under the pitch-perfect direction of Paul Dinello.
January 2008
  • Shooting of the TV movie ‘Fast Time’ for CBS begins.
November 2007
  • Chelah is back in Vancouver working on the film ‘Helen’ with Ashley Judd & Goran Visnjik.
  • Chelah’s joining the gang on ‘Robson Arms’ for an episode under the direction of the delightful Monika Mitchell.
October 2007
  • ‘The L Word’ takes the whole darn circus to LA for two weeks of location shooting.
September 2007
  • One of the most highly anticipated shows of the fall, ‘Bionic Woman,’ welcomes Chelah in episode 3.
  • Chelah begins shooting the 50’s style sci-fi flick ‘Alien Tresspass’ with Eric McCormack.
July 2007
  • Chelah is back on ‘The L Word’ for season 5 playing a new character, Sally.
May 2007
  • Chelah is blown away to be working with Sir Ben Kingsley on Isabel Coixet’s film ‘Elegy’ also starring Penelope Cruz, Patricia Clarkson & Dennis Hopper.
  • Director Terry Ingram has brought Chelah back for another MOW, ‘Perfect Child,’ co-starring Rebecca Budig & Laughlin Munroe. The cast & crew have had a blast making this one.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar joined Chelah back in Vancouver to shoot a few more scenes for their upcoming feature, ‘Possession.’
  • Sad news for the gang that made ‘The Virgin of Akron, Ohio’…Lifetime has opted not to pick up the series. It was an amazing experience for all that were involved and has set the bar high for Chelah’s future projects.
April 2007
  • A big travel month for Chelah. First a visit to LA for catch-up with friends & work mates. Then off to NYC to support John Ortiz, with whom Chelah worked on AVP2, on stage with Philip Seymour Hoffman in a production of ‘Jack Goes Boating.’ An absolutely thrilling performance by all.
Jan-March 2007
  • Rodrigo Garcia is directing a wicked script called ‘Passengers’ starring Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson & David Morse. Chelah is playing Janice, a character that Rodrigo rewrote for her. Pretty exciting stuff.
February 2007
  • Chelah is shooting a pilot for Fox/Lifetime called ‘The Virgin of Akron, Ohio.’ Written by the genius Jordan Budde and skillfully directed by Randy Zisk, Chelah plays Juliet, a role she is thrilled get into…and the Master Class that is Laurie Metcalf, playing Chelah’s mother, is just an added bonus.
December 2006
  • A wickedly busy month for Chelah…while finishing up ‘AVP2,’ Chelah’s character of Didi Cassidy is introduced in the two-part season finale of ‘Battlestar Galactica.’
  • Then there’s a juicy recurring guest star on the new MTV series ‘Exes & Ohs’
  • AND the start of production on Terry Ingram’s latest film, ‘Nightmare.’
Oct-Dec 2006
  • Chelah is thrilled to be playing Darcy Benson in the Strause brothers’ sequel to ‘Alien vs Predator.’ Don’t ask ‘cuz it’s all top secret. We will tell you this: There is an Alien. And a Predator.
October 2006
  • ‘Possession’ starring Sarah Michelle Gellar & Lee Pace welcomes Chelah as SMG’s best pal, Miranda.
September/October, 2006
  • Back & forth to Victoria playing Dean Cain’s wife, Cindy Murakami, in the true story ‘Crossroads: A Story Of Forgiveness’ for CBS. Chelah is loving work with Dean, Julie Warner & director John Kent Harrison
  • Dule Hill & James Roday make for a day filled with laughs on the set of ‘Psych.’
August 2006
  • Chelah is thrilled to be working with director Neil Fearnley on ‘A Decent Proposal.’
  • An amazing cast is amasses for Eric Maran’s first film, the short ‘Ashes Fall.’ Chelah takes on the lead role of Joanne in this remarkable story placed in a medical clinic in Africa.
  • Chelah does her first episode of the new ABC series ‘Men in Trees.’
July 2006
  • TNT’s new series ‘Saved’ welcomes Chelah playing a recurring character attorney Gail Esterbrook.
  • Chelah’s on set shooting an episode of ‘Three Moons Over Milford.’
June 2006
  • Off to Toronto to shoot an ‘All Bran’ spot under the direction of Zach Math.
May 2006
  • Chelah spends the month in Montreal shooting the feature ‘Burning Mussolini’ with first time director, Conrad Pla. An amazing and challenging role for her first lead on a feature film.
April 2006
  • Chelah finally gets to work with write/director Raul Sanchez-Inglis on his debut feature, ‘Vice’, alongside Michael Madsen.
  • The 2006 Leo Nominations are announced…and ‘Dark Room’ is acknowledged in multiple categories…including ‘Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Short Drama’ for Chelah.
March 2006
  • Back to the set of ‘Whistler’ for another episode.
  • Chelah spends the weekend in NYC to attend Cate Blanchett’s title performance in Hedda Gabler at the BAM.
  • Stargate SG-1 invites Chelah back to fly a brand new ship.

Feb 2006

  • Working under the skillful direction of Guy Bee on an episode of ABC’s new series ‘The Evidence’ with Orlando Jones, Rob Estes & Martin Landau.
January 2006
  • Larry Moss is back in town…sure to be another life changing workshop with one of the best teachers in the business.
  • Shooting her first appearance on CTV’s ‘Whistler’…looking forward to this recurring role.
December 2005
  • Penelope & Chelah are taking off to Thailand & Cambodia for a five week adventure. Love and light for the holidays.
Nov/Dec 2005
  • FINALLY working with Johnny Kobylka spending a whole lotta nights on ‘XMen 3’….Top Secret!
October 2005
  • Chelah takes a turn as Dr. McCann on The WB’s ‘Smallville.’
September 2005
  • FUN! Get to play with the cast and crew of ‘Godiva’s’ for a couple of days.
  • ‘Criminal Minds’ premiers tonight on CBS @ 10:00 (right after CSI)…this was a big gig for Chelah and so exciting to see it go to air.
  • ‘Dark Room’ is featured at the ‘Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.’ Congrats to writer/director Stacy Fish.
  • Wow! This is big….Chelah begins shooting a lead role (Lori Corbett) in the pilot for ABC’s new series ‘Fallen.’
August 2005
  • Chelah shoots a favourite scene in ‘Hollow Man 2’ under the direction of Claudio Fah.
  • Chelah appears on episode 2 of Fox’s new series ‘Reunion.’ The writing makes this a show to look forward too.
  • Comm. Officer Catherine Ambrose returns to the Prometheus on ‘Stargate SG-1’
July 2005
  • Chelah shoots an epsiode of the new series ‘Supernatural’ with Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki.
  • Shooting HP Lovecraft’s ‘Dreams in the Which House’ as part of the ‘Masters of Horror’ series. Chelah falls a little more in love every day with her beautiful and wise director, Stuart Gordon. What a teacher.
June 2005
  • Back on the set of ‘The L’Word’ for another episode.
  • Chelah begins rehearsals for a co-starring role on ‘Masters of Horror’. With director Stuart Gordonand co-star Ezra Godden.
  • A workshop with amazing coach, Ivana Chubbuck. This is the weekend Chelah fell in love with acting….again.
  • Chelah shoots the first episode of a recurring role on Showtime’s ‘The L-Word’. No clues allowed before it starts airing in 2006.
May 2005
  • ‘Criminal Minds’ has been officially picked up by CBS!!! it premiers in the fall. Yahoo!
April 2005
  • Chelah plays the lead role in ‘The Dark Room.’ Director Stacy Fish has put together an all-star team to make this powerful short film.
March 2005
  • The pilot episode of CBS’ ‘Criminal Minds’ proves to be the most challenging and powerful acting experience Chelah has had to date. Mandy Patinkin leads a stunning cast under the direction of Richard Shepard.
February 2005
  • Chelah makes an appearance in the first episode of ‘The 4400.’ Season 2.
  • Shooting ‘The Pink Panther’ with Steve Martin and Jean Reno. Yes…JEAN RENO!
January 2005
  • Chelah takes a break and goes to Cuba for a solo week of reading, swimming with dolphins and sleeping in.
December 2004
  • Chelah joins forces with In The Company Of Productions for her stage debut in Tennessee Williams’ Summer And Smoke. Directed by gifted Sara Botsford.
November 2004
  • Working on ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ alongside Laura Linney (wow!)  and Tom Wilkinson (another wow!).
October 2004
  • Off to Regina to work on ‘Renegade Press’ playing an English teacher who has an affair with a student. The director and crew were a treat…and the character was out of this world to bring to life.
September 2004
  • Chelah starts shooting the feature film ‘Seeking Fear.’ Playing a housewife turned hooker, this is a fun & juicy supporting-lead role.
August 2004
  • Back on the set of Stargate flying Prometheus for a 3rd episode.
July 2004
  • Chelah flies to Victoria to shoot a small role on the Chum TV film ‘Marker.’
June 2004
  • ‘Stargate SG1’ invites Chelah’s character back. This time under the direction of Peter Deluise.
  • Chelah spends four powerful days in workshop with the unbelievable Larry Moss.
March 2004
  • Chelah gets to fly a spacecraft into battle on ‘Stargate SG-1’!!!
February 2004
  • Chelah shoots a juicy guest role on USA Network’s ‘Dead Zone’ alongside Anthony Michael Hall

January 2004

  • A fabulous week in Playa Del Carmen working the beach with Fiona
  • A fun-filled day shooting ‘5 Days to Midnight’ under the direction of Michael Watkins.
December 2003
  • Episode of ‘Tru Calling’ to air on Fox TV @ 8pm, be sure not to miss it.
November 2003
  • Chelah starts shooting ‘Pursued,’ an MOW with Gil Bellows, Christian Slater and Michael Clarke Duncan.
  • The Lotus Awards recognize the ‘PlayLand’ commercial Chelah was featured in.
  • Worked with Susanna Thompson (a doll!) on the new FoxTV drama ‘Still Life’
  • Shot second episode of ‘DaVinci’s Inquest’ with that awesome nut Nicholas Campbell
October 2003
  • Episode of ‘Andromeda’ airs (Pieces of Eight) in which Chelah guest stars with Maury Chakin (wow!)
September 2003
  • A well deserved break takes Chelah to Eastern Australia for three weeks to visit friends and chill.
August 2003
  • In Toronto to shoot a commercial gig and visit Tanya on the set of ‘The Eleventh Hour’
  • Works with John Woo and Ben Affleck on the feature ‘Paycheck’ set for release Christmas day
July 2003
  • Appears as Dr. Walker in the the 7th season of ‘Cold Squad’
  • First appearance of a recurring character on ‘DaVinci’s Inquest’
  • New ‘Microsoft’ campaign has Chelah flying via helicopter to a mountain top outside Whistler. For those keeping track, that’s Chelah’s 41st commercial in two years!

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