Please Believe Me

If you love someone, tell them.
If you want to be with someone, be with them.
If you do not want to be with someone, stop.
If you cherish someone’s freindship, make sure they know.
If you adore someone, hug them.
Take a risk with your heart.
If you want or need something, ask for it. The absolute worst thing that could happen is you don’t get it.
Be generous.
Let people help you.
Be kind. Be really kind. We all need more kindness in our lives. Both given & received.
Kiss. A lot. Kissing is medicine.┬áNo one in history has ever looked back and said ‘wow, we kissed too much, didn’t we?’
If you want to do it, do it.
There is no time.
I am telling you: THERE IS NO TIME.
People vanish.
Hearts break.
Time is finite.
You have no time to waste. I have no time to waste.
Use it. Love.