TELEVISION (selected credits)

‘The Man In The High Castle’ Series Regular; Director: Various
*2017 Leo Awards Winner Best Supporting Actress in a Series & 2017 UBCP Award Nominee Best Actress 

‘You Me Her’ Supporting (2 seasons); Director: Various

‘Tomorrow People’ Recurring; Director: Various

‘Rogue’ Guest Star; Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik

‘When We Rise’ Supporting; Director: Dee Rees

‘Hell On Wheels’ Supporting (4 seasons); Director: Various
*nominee Best Supporting Actress Leo Awards & Best Actress UBCP Awards

‘Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce’ Guest Star; Director: Andy Wolk

‘Pretty Little Liar’ (MOW) Lead; Director: Monika Mitchell

‘Falling Skies’ Guest Star; Director: Jonathan Frakes

‘UnReal’ Recurring Guest Star; Director: Various

‘The Returned’ Recurring; Director: Various

‘Cedar Cove’ Recurring; Director: Martin Wood

‘Arrow’ Recurring Guest Star; Director: Various

‘Proof’ Guest Star; Director: Alex Graves

‘The Grim Sleeper’ (MOW) Supporting Lead; Director: Stan Brooks

‘When Calls The Heart’ Series Regular; Director: Various
*nominee Best Supporting Actress Leo Awards

‘Rita’ Guest Star; Director: Miguel Arteta

‘I Am Victor’ Guest Star; Director: Jonas Pate

‘Blackstone’ Recurring Guest Star; Director: Ron E Scott

‘Sole Custody’ (MOW) Lead; Director: Brenton Spencer

‘Package Deal’ Guest Star; Director: Keith Samples

‘Motive’ Guest Star; Director: Bronwen Hughes

‘Arctic Air’ Guest Star; Director: Anne Wheeler
*nominee Best Female Guest Star Leo Awards

‘Emily Owens, MD’ Guest Star; Director: Bharat Nalluri

‘The Selection’ Guest Star; Director: Mark Piznarski

‘The Killing’ Guest Star; Director: Kevin Bray

‘It’s Christmas, Carol’ (MOW) Lead; Director: Michael Scott

‘Supernatural’ Guest Star; Director: Robert Singer

‘Wish List’ Series Lead; Director: Stuart Gillard
*nominee Best Actress UBCP Awards

‘Clue’ Recurring Guest Star; Director: Terry Mc Donough

‘Level Up’ Recurring Guest Star; Director: Various

‘Identity’ Supporting; Director: Gary Fleder

‘The Haunting Hour’ Guest Star; Director: Peter DeLuise

‘Endgame’ Guest Star; Director: David Frazee

‘Life Unexpected’ Supporting; Director: Gary Fleder

‘Three Weeks, Three Kids’ (MOW) Lead; Director Mark Jean

‘On Strike For Christmas’ (MOW) Supporting Lead; Director: Robert Iscove

‘Fairly Legal’ Guest Star; Director: Andy Wolk

‘The Client List’ (MOW) Supporting; Director: Eric Laneuville

‘Betwixt’ Supporting; Director: Christian Duguay

‘Lying To Be Perfect’ (MOW) Lead; Director: Gary Harvey

‘Stargate Universe’ Supporting; Director: Robert Cooper

‘Mrs. Miracle’ (MOW) Supporting Lead; Director: Michael Scott

‘Defying Gravity’ Guest Star; Director: Sturla Gunnarsson

‘The Guard’ Guest Star; Director: Jason Furukawa-Global TV

‘Come Dance At My Wedding’ (MOW) Supporting; Director: Mark Jean-Hallmark

‘Eureka’ Guest Star; Director: Steve Miner-NBC / USA Network

‘Inseparable’ (Pilot) Supporting; Director: Rob Bowman-ABC

‘Flirting With Forty’ (MOW) Lead; Director: Mikael Salomon-Lifetime

‘Gym Teacher’ (MOW) Lead; Director: Paul Dinello-Nikelodeon

‘Stargate: Atlantis’ Supporting; Director: Will Waring- MGM/SyFy

‘Every Second Counts’ (MOW) Supporting; Director: John Bradshaw-CBS

‘Robson Arms’ Guest Star; Director: Monika Mitchell – CTV

‘Bionic Woman’ Principal; Director: Jonas Pate- NBC Universal

‘The L Word’ Recurring ; Director: Various- Showtime

‘Perfect Child’ Supporting Lead; Director: Terry Ingram – Insight Films

‘The Virgin of Akron, Ohio’ (Pilot) Series Lead; Director: Randy Zisk-Fox TV

‘Nightmare’ (MOW) Supporting ; Director: Terry Ingram – Lifetime

‘Battlestar Galactica’ Recurring Guest Star; Director: Michael Rymer – NBC Universal

‘Exes & Ohs’ Recurring Guest Star; Director: Various – Logo/ MTV

‘Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness’ (MOW) Supporting; Director: John Kent Harrison-CBS

‘Psych’ Principal; Director: Jim Conway -USA

‘Saved’ Recurring ; Director: Various- TNT

‘Men in Trees’ Principal; Director: Rick Wallace – ABC

‘The Evidence’ Guest Star ; Director: Guy Bee – ABC

‘Whistler’ Recurring ; Director: Various – CTV

‘Three Moons Over Milford’ Principal; Director:James Frawley – ABC

‘Fallen’ (Pilot) Series Regular; Director: Mikael Salomon – ABC

‘Smallville’ Principal; Director: Rick Rosenthal – WB

‘Godiva’s’ Principal ; Director: Stacey Curtis – CHUM

‘Supernatural’ Principal ; Director: David Jackson – WB

‘Masters of Horror’ Co-Star ; Director: Stuart Gordon – IDT Ent

‘Criminal Minds’ (Pilot) Guest Star ; Director: Richard Shepard -CBS

‘Renegade Press’ Guest Star ; Director: Robert deLint – APTV

‘Stargate: SG1’ Recurring; Director: Various – MGM/SyFy

‘Dead Zone’ Principal ; Director: Michael Robison – USA

‘DaVinci’s Inquest’ Recurring; Director: Various – CBC

‘Tru Calling’ Principal; Director: Mike Katleman – FOX TV

‘Andromeda’ Guest Star; Director: Jorge Montesi – Tribune Ent.

‘Cold Squad’ Principal; Director: Gary Harvey- CTV

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