The Fame Game…barf…

Fame is a game. Straight up. A game with no true substance or worth. It doesn’t exist as a tangible thing….making the game all the more absurd.

We now live in a world where getting the part isn’t so much about your ability to tell a story, emote, struggle and communicate…no, no it’s about how many people follow you on Twitter. Or what your current rank is on IMDB.

Well….I don’t want to play. I really don’t.

Do I dream of a time when I can comfortably plan the next year of my life, knowing that I’ll be shooting Projects A, B & C ¬†for these specific dates? Hell yes, I do. But if it means I have to buy into the current state of the industry by bullshitting through publicity junkets, selling my very private personal life or making a sex tape to generate press…well No. Just no.

I got into this gig of acting as my profession because I love to tell stories. I love the magic of collaboration. I love to entertain people. I love exploring the emotional journey of a character. And I don’t thrive in a mon-fri, 9-5 world. I’d much rather work 17 hours a day in the pouring rain huddled with people I love for months on end.

But the game? The please like my page/follow me on Twitter/click on my imdb..?’s not for me. And I suppose I hope that the people I want to work with and projects I want to work on aren’t interested in that game either. Damn I hope so.

Rant complete.

And you should totally follow me on Twitter.